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Sniper and Tania were about to go and visit Trapper ,who was in the basement of  the Yanov station. Trapper was cleaning and checking for damage his modified SPAS-12 "Slayer" shotgun. When the ecologist and his companion were comming down the stairs to the basement, the veteran hunter put aside the disassembled shotgun, the gun oil, basic toolkit and cleaning rags and said to Sniper and Tania:
-Howdy! What can an old hunter do for you ? Sniper said to him:
-First, Vasia, I want to introduce to you my girlfriend, Tania and second, I want you to join  us and to celebrate the 2nd anniversary , since I'm in the Zone and I'm a stalker.
- I'm Vasiliy Kuznetsov, Tania, but my friends call me Trapper.- said Trapper to Tania.
- Well, Trapper , I'm Tania.- said Tania to Trapper and they both shaked their hands. Then the old mutant hunter said to Sniper:
- I would  join you, but could you both wait until I'm finished with cleaning my shooter ?
- Yes, we would wait you. We are not in a hurry for something.- said Sniper to Trapper. The hunter sat on the table and started to finish cleaning the shotgun. After that he started to put it back together: first he put back the bolt, then he put back the bolt cover and finally he screwed everything back together. He even loaded an empty round in the gun's chamber and when he discharged the gun and seeing ,that everything was working fine, he said:
-Even after all those years, it doesn't let me down. Handles like a dream. Let's go , I'm ready.-he said to Sniper and Tania and they all went upstairs to mark Sniper's anniversary as a stalker.They sat ot a free table together with Edik . Then Sniper pulled out from his backpack a bottle of "Johnnie Walker Red Label"
whiskey and a bottle of "Pepsi" cola and the group started to drink. After an hour Trapper's PDA started to ring and he went outside to talk. After finishing his conversation on the PDA , he said to Sniper :
- Sorry to interrupt your celebration, kid, but I just recieved a call from Gonta and Danila, that a new type of a mutant has appeared in Pripyat . It looks like a human, it wears a gasmask like a snork, talks and acts like a zombie, but he doesn't have the skill to jump like a snork. Also the only thing he says is "Guys, guys, were are you ?  I need your help."
- So that sounds like a mutant hunt and exploration mission, right ?- said Sniper to Trapper.
- Exactly! You have to assemble a crew and you have to go to Pripyat, before the mutant starts to attack stalkers.-Trapper said to Sniper.
- Well then. Tania, Edik, we need to go back to the Mobile Lab to prepare a crew for  Trapper's  mission and to see if prof.Ozersky or prof.Hermann knows anything about the mutant.- Sniper said to Edik and Tania and they went outside to Sniper's parked Niva jeep. They climbed in and headed back to the Lab. As they were leaving Yanov station, Trapper waved at the dissapearing jeep and said:
- Good hunting , stalkers. Be careful and stay together.That's your only way to stay alive. Sniper, Edik and Tania arrived at the Mobile Lab . They went inside the lab and in the corridor Sniper said to Tania and Edik:
- Wait in here. I'll come for you after a minute, after I'm finished with asking either prof.Ozersky or prof. Hermann about any information about this mutant. Sniper went to the office of prof. Ozersky and prof. Hermann. There prof. Ozersky was watching the results from the test , performed on the new artifact, that Sniper brought to the Lab.
- Can I ask you something, Ivan ?- Sniper asked Ozersky.
- Yes, what would you want to know?- said Ozersky.
-I heard a rumor, that there is a new type of mutant, that has appeared in Pripyat. Do you know anything about it ?-Sniper said to Ozersky.
- I don't know any information about a new type of mutant. Were did you get the information ?- answered Ozersky.
- I recieved the information from the Trapper, the mutant hunter from Yanov station. He , however, recieved the information from his colleagues , Gonta and Danila.
- That sounds interesting. So that means, that you are going to Pripyat and you are going to find out more about this mutant , right ?-said Ozersky.
- Right !-answered Sniper.
- Well, there is nothng else to tell you, than to wish you good luck and to tell to be careful with yourself and your teammates. We need you very much for our research to better understand the Zone and the Zone's mysteries.- said Ozersky.
- I'll not forget, what you told me just now and I'll make sure that me and my crew are save.- said Sniper to Ozersky. Then he left the office and he went to Edik and Tania to tell them, what he learnt from prof.Ozersky about the mutant.
- Ozersky doesn't know about the mutant. That means that the only information there is, is Trapper's information. -said Sniper to his friends, who were showing signs, that they weren't  interested in Sniper's words. Seeing this, Sniper said:
-I think it's better for you two to stay here, at the Lab. I don't want to lose you during this mission. I'll go and prepare a me and a crew to go to Pripyat.
- Good luck with your mission, sweetie.-said Tania to Sniper.
- Yeah, good luck , bro.- said Edik to Sniper. Sniper then went to his room and started to prepare for the mission.
So, here it is, part twelve of my S.T.A.L.K.E.R. fanfic story "Stranger". In this part Sniper is peparing to go on a mission in Pripyat to kill an unknown type of mutant.If someone finds similarities with his/her's name and the characters name , they are just accidental. If you have any ideas ,plz comment.
Sniper , Tania and Vassiliy Kuznetsov belong to Stalkervr.
Trapper, Gonta , Danila, prof. Ozersky and prof. Hermann belong to GSC-Ukraine.
Edik Luckless belongs to GraphiteSTALKER.
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